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Funny Thing About Pumping.

Do You Have Any Pumping/Pre-Pumping Humour To Share?

The world of pumping is wonderful, but sometimes things...well...just HAPPEN! If you have a humorous story or remark to share with us, please, please do so!! It can be pump or pre-pump, and doesn't have to be related directly to pumping. Let's have some fun with this!!

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To read our previously posted humour stories, just scroll down the page! Thanks to everyone who contributed.


1.The no delivery alarm REALLY DOES sound like a firetruck in your bedroom at 3a.m.

2.Someone once asked me why my pants were beeping.

3.This isn't about pumping specifically, but a friend of mine went on a long walk and while a long distance from home, felt a big hypo coming on. Upon realizing this, she was not too worried because she always carried a box of raisins for just such an emergency. Problem was, it was very cold out that night and the raisins and box were one solid cold lump! Well, she got her fibre that night, she chewed box and all!

4.The bulge under my shirt which the curious ask about really appears to have its own personality when the Evil Pump Fairy appears.

5.One Sunday when our daughter was 8 she was sitting in a group in Sunday School. The little girl next to her was curious about her insulin pump clipped to the waist of her skirt. She asked what it was and our daughter said that it was an insulin pump. The little girl then looked at her and said, "Do you have Downs Syndrome?" Now where did that come from?!

6.I read somewhere about a pumper who had a devil of a time inserting a Silhouette. Painful as hell. It is pretty difficult to insert that sucker without removing the plastic cover over the introducer needle! OUCH!

7.We always do a glucose on Erica prior to our going to bed. She has a great imagination and obviously carries it into her dreams. I snuck into her room about 12:30 am one morning and took hold of one of her fingers. Usually she is totally unaware and it is over in a flash. This particular night she kept pulling her hand away from me. She was making the weirdest noises! I got the giggles and while trying not to wake her up, firmly grasped her hand/finger in mine. She pulled a Linda Blair!! Her eyes popped open, she started growling, sat partway up in bed and SLAPPED ME IN THE FACE! She didn't remember a thing next day, but I will never forget to duck when she growls! <g>

8.I was having a low, this was pre-pump, and went into a seizure. Hubby was used to this, if one can ever get used to a low, and had my sugar water trying to pour it into my mouth. I got argumentive with him, and I hit him in the chin with my left fist!!! I am not even left handed, but I decked him! We now think this is funny. At the time it hurt Ken like mad!

9.Pre pump story- I read a story about a mother who took her diabetic son to the grocery store. He was looking for things he could have that were sugar free. After getting ahead of his mother he came running back to her very excited and holding a dessert that he thought read "sugar free". Upon looking at the package the mother had to tell him it was not "Sugar free". Instead that it read "Sara Lee"!

10.Gus(age 8) played on a "travel" soccer team this fall. After a Sunday double-header he came off the field shaking his head: "now people on the OTHER team are asking what I'm wearing!" When he told one opponent that it was his pump. The little boy furthered "is it your soccer pump?" Gus and I laughed...uh-huh and who wears the pump on YOUR team? When the ball gets a little low...they call ME over.

11. Early Saturday I went to do a 2:30 am check on my son Robert. To my horror, when I turned on the light in his bathroom to get what I needed, there was his pump! He had been so tired that evening, he'd forgotten to hook back up
after removing it to change his clothes. I burst into his room with the pump and meter, dreading the numbers I was about to see. Fortunately, he had only climbed to about 250. Whew. I was just glad he hadn't gone all night
without it.
Last night I did not get up to check him, but when I woke him for school, he sleepily asked if I would test him so he could lie there a little longer. I agreed to pamper him because it's his 14th birthday today. I couldn't believe it, there on the counter was his pump, with tubing attached! Again!! I stomped my foot and hollered. About that time he nickered and held up his OTHER pump, securely attached to his belly. The first one was deliberately planted to give mom a heart attack.