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A Canadian Butterfly
Related Links

Are you pumping, or considering it? Take a cruise around these websites to see how it has changed the lives of so many and get a lot of important information. If you are committed to pumping it can be the best thing to happen to you since diagnosis. Thats our story and we are STICKING TO IT!

Children With Diabetes. A real gem. There is sooo much here to see and learn. An award winning site and you will see why!

Children With Diabetes

Kids R Pumping. This site is the one that brought tears to my eyes when I read the joy in the stories about kids who were pumping. This set a fire under us!

Kids 'R' Pumping

Insulin Pumpers. Over 2,000 members and still growing. This site is a wealth of information for anyone interested in pumping. It is a geat place to learn about, or relearn, pumping. This is where we had our best education about the fundamentals of pumping.

Insulin Pumpers Website

Minimed. This was the pump of our choice, and Erica's BEST friend. We are pretty fond of the little blue guy ourselves (he comes in a few colors).
Minimed Canada has introduced the Minimed Insurance Eligibility Assistance Program. Professionals are at your disposal to work at getting insurance coverage for your Minimed pump/supplies through your providor. For more information, you can contact Diane or Jeanne at Medicum. Toll free number: 1-877-728-2778.


Here are the names of a few other pump manufacturers.



Important! The Animas pump is not yet available in Canada as of November 22/00.