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Related Links

Are you pumping, or considering it? Take a cruise around these websites to see how it has changed the lives of so many and get a lot of important information. If you are committed to pumping it can be the best thing to happen to you since diagnosis. Thats our story and we are STICKING TO IT!

There are a number of great links to diabetic and pumping sites out there for all to see. I have just listed a few of my favourites.

Insulin Pumpers Canada *Check our our National Website*

Diabetes Information

Children With Diabetes

Children With Diabetes. A real gem. There is sooo much here to see and learn. An award winning site and you will see why!

The Canadian Diabetes Association

The Juvenile Diabetes & Research Foundation (Cdn)

The Juveniles Diabetes Assoc. (US)

Pump Related Sites

Check out our new National Canadian Website!!

Insulin Pumpers Org

Insulin Pumpers. Over 3,000 members and still growing. This site is a wealth of information for anyone interested in pumping. It is a geat place to learn about, or relearn, pumping. This is where we had our best education about the fundamentals of pumping.

Kids R Pumping Website

Kids R Pumping. This site is the one that brought tears to my eyes when I read the joy in the stories about kids who were pumping. This set a fire under us!

JDF - Kids pumping page

Pumps4Kids - Canadian

Pumps4kids is dedicated to people with type 1 diabetes who are interested in learning more about insulin pump therapy and for those new to pump therapy.  


S.U.G.A.R. is a Canadian based charitable organization that helps place  insulin pumps with qualified applicants.

Pumping Friends

Shelly Tyler-Victory In The Tax War (midpage)

Grandma Sandy's Diabetes Site is a playful place. There are books that can be downloaded, and some diabetes games too. A fun place to check out.

Grandma Sandy's Site

Rabbi Hirsch Meisels Jewish Friends With Diabetes

Pump Manufacturers & Accessories

Animas Corporation

Auto Control Medical - Animas Pumps

Cozmo Pump by Deltec - not yet available in Canada

Dana Pump - not yet available in Canada

Disetronic Medical Systems

Medtronic Minimed

Canadian Representatives:

Animas - Patricia Clune of Auto Control

Animas - Dawn Murphy of Auto Control

Cozmo - Gail Thompson, Smiths Medical Canada Ltd.

Disetronic Medical Systems- Dave Goosens

Disetronic Medical Systems - Stuart Omsen

Disetronic Medical Systems -Evelyne Pytka

Disetronic Medical Systems - Melany Hellstern

Disetronic - Clinical Service Manager(CSM) for Western Canada, Scott Buzahora.

Medtronic Minimed - Mark Mailloux

Medtronic Minimed - Judy Campbell

Medtronic Minimed - Billi Jo Stubbert

Pumping Supplies & Accessories

NEW!! - Pump Jumpers - Orlando, Florida


A Canadian Company with lots of information and products that help you 'beat' diabetes.

Pump Wear Inc.

Julie (a pumper-mom)& her friend Dawn sell *kewl* kid-friendly accessories. A new company with some wonderful ideas. Even non-pumpers will want to wear their products!


The popular Frio pump wallet is sold by these folks. It will keep your pump and insulin cool in hot weather, without requiring a coolant.

Unique Accessories, Inc.


Auto Control - Canadian

Respircare - Canadian

Meditrust - Canadian online pharmacy

Let us know if there are any web sites that you enjoy and we'll consider including them on this page!