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Insulin Pumpers Canada

*Joining* IPCanada - N. S. Division


*Membership* is free and is open to health care professionals, and people currently using, or considering the use of, insulin pump therapy.

There is no *membership* fee to join the mailing list of Insulin Pumpers Canada - Nova Scotia Division.  We use the term *membership* to represent that fact that we have a database where we store information that you share with us.  What you choose to share is up to you :)  Once you are registered in the database, you can take advantage of our group email listing which will keep you up to date on what is happening in Nova Scotia and other interesting tidbits. Your email and snail mail information will not be sold.  It will also not be distributed to other *members* without your consent.  Statistical information will be developed from the data that you provide us, although your name and contact information will be kept private unless you choose otherwise. 

Would you like to be added to our database?
Please email with the subject line - database - and I will send you via email (or snail mail if you don't have email access) a word document that you can save, fill out, and email (or snail mail) back.
Hope To Hear From You Soon!

Please help us help others