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Insulin Pumpers Canada

Who can use the community bulletin board?


Who are *you*?  Well, you are -
  • a health care professional
  • a person with diabetes
  • a parent or guardian of a child with diabetes
  • a member of a business or organization
  • a person acting on behalf of others with diabetes
  • anyone who has something to contribute which is somehow related to diabetes!
You may wish to use this community bulletin board to announce that you are (among other things) -
  • hosting a support group meeting
  • hosting an insulin pumpers information session
  • hosting a diabetes related event 
  • holding a 'diabetes related' fundraiser
  • selling products (crafts, home made accessories etc.) to raise funds for diabetes care 
  • introducing a new product to the market place
  • looking for participants for a survey
  • *looking for a second hand pump
  • *selling a second hand pump

*Insulin Pumpers Canada and Insulin Pumpers Canada - N.S. Division are not in the business of selling pumps or pump supplies, new OR used.  Disclaimer


Any submissions for this bulletin board will be reviewed before they are posted and will be edited if necessary.  Submissions that are not considered 'bulletin board material' will not be posted.  This service is provided free of charge and we are not responsible for any errant postings.Please read our Disclaimer! 

Information will be posted as they are received and will be dated the day of actual posting, not necessarily when they are received.