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Insulin Pumpers Canada

Newsletter Dec04 IPCNS


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Greetings from Insulin Pumpers Canada, Nova Scotia

December 2004

Connecting people with diabetes to a better quality of life.


We have had a busy few months at IPC and would like to bring you up to date on some of the things that are going on in our own pumping province and in other areas of Canada and the U.S.  Remember to check out our National website from time to time at  Follow the Nova Scotia flag to link to our NS website. You can join our membership/distribution list by filling out the form on the bottom of the NS homepage.


Please read out Disclaimer!


Here we go!


Ÿ        CDA Conference   - In late October I had an opportunity, on behalf of Insulin Pumpers Canada, to attend the national CDA professional conference in Quebec city.  This event, bringing diabetes health care professionals together from across Canada, was a wonderful opportunity to learn more about all aspects of Diabetes (both type 1&2).  Meeting John Walsh and Ruth Roberts (the authors of Pumping Insulin) was a highlight for me and we now have a signed copy of Pumping Insulin available for a giveaway at one of our events J.


Ÿ        Networking and Insulin Pumpers Insulin Pumpers, around the world, are an amazing group of people.  By far the majority of pumpers go out of their way to share information and support with others because they have experienced the lifestyle change that pumping successfully affords them.  They also understand the barriers and problems that can arise.  Case in point – A person from central Canada posted a dilemma about pump therapy on the US site IP Org, prompting an email forwarded to me (compliments of our IPOrg Us friends), prompting emails sent to people in Central Canada, prompting connections via email and phone with people who were able to provide her the support and information she required.  PUMPERS ROCK!!!


Ÿ        Super bolusing – John Walsh did a presentation on a new concept, super bolusing, at the CDA conference.  There are a few people I know who are already using this idea, successfully, but as always it is important to work with your diabetes team!  For more information on super bolusing which is a concept for controlling high bgs resulting from high glycemic foods or for correcting high bgs go to


Ÿ      Expo 2005!! -  In the upcoming year we are looking at another Expo in the HRM area.  These events, which have been held very successfully in Halifax, Kentville and Sydney Nova Scotia, are a wonderful opportunity for people with diabetes, families of children with diabetes, and diabetes health care professionals to see the latest and greatest in Diabetes management tools available, insulin, glucometers, pumps and meet with pumpers.  If you are interested in helping to organize this event and making it BIGGER and BETTER, please let me know.  We are likely looking at late April and the committee has to be in place in January 2005. You need not be from the Halifax area to help out.  You can share your experience and ideas via phone or email J


Ÿ        Naturopathic medicine and Diabetes At our Pumper’s afternoon in November, we were fortunate to have a Naturopathic doctor talk to us about naturopathy and diabetes. It was so interesting, and exciting, that we could have spent hours learning from Dr. Sonya Doherty.  People were intrigued to see how making some simple changes in their lifestyle, or that of their children, can have a significant impact on bg control and help with complications.  What we did learn is that this is one topic that will require a workshop lasting a few hours.  We hope to hold one in 2005.  I know for a fact that most people who were lucky to be there in November will be joining us and brining along others.  Keep an eye out for this!!!


Ÿ        New Infusion Set Manufacturer - While at the CDA conference I met Rick Lynch, the founder of Applied diabetes Research. 

Autocontrol Medical, the distributors of Animas insulin pumps in Canada, will be selling these products, Thinsets,  when they become available in Canada.  What is interesting to note is that one of the Thinset 1.8 and 3.0 Syringe Reservoirs is designed exclusively for use with the Paradigm series of Minimed pumps and will allow the user to accept any type of infusion sets which have a standard Luer Lock fitting. 


Ÿ        Speaking of Infusion Sets  - How many types of infusion sets are there available to use?  Well, lots!!  For a good description of the sets available in the US (Most are avail in Canada or will be available in Canada soon), go to John Walsh and Ruth Roberts have lot of good information on infusion sets for you to view.  They do not have the information on the Thinsets (as mentioned above) posted.


Ÿ        New Insulin Infusion Pump  The Roche Accu-chek Spirit infusion pump was available for us to view, under glass, at the CDA conference.  The folks at Roche are hoping it passes Health Canada approval in the second quarter of 2005.  If you want to take a peek at it, go to -


Ÿ        Prefilled Insulin cartridges -   The following information was publicized in the U.S.  We don’t know when this will be available in Canada.  We also don’t know if this will allow for the use of Luer Lock connection infusion sets.  Time will tell!  ‘The Diabetes business unit of Medtronic, Inc., the world leader in insulin pump therapy, and Novo Nordisk, the world leader in diabetes care, today announced an agreement to develop the first prefilled cartridges designed for use with Paradigm External insulin pumps.  The two companies also agreed to  conduct clinical studies and expand medical education highlighting the benefits of maintaining good blood glucose (sugar) control in people with diabetes who use U-100 Novolog (insulin aspart (rDNA origin) injection) and Paradigm Pump therapy.’


Ÿ        A tip to share – One of our NS pumping friends sent along this idea.  She found a garter belt at La Senza that perfectly fits her pump and finds that it works great if you are wearing a dress of skirt.  It costs $9 plus tax.


Ÿ        Another tip to share  - Are you having trouble disconnecting at your site?  For some people who have vision problems or find it difficult to disconnect their infusion set due to physical limitations or the ‘childproof syndrome J’, perhaps an infusion set with a tail would be helpful to you.  Check out our link to infusion sets above.


Ÿ        Celiac Disease and Type 1 Diabetes – New research reveals that Celiac disease is the most common under-diagnosed chronic disease today.  Although many people with Celiac disease and type 1 diabetes present typical symptoms, many are asymptomatic for Celiac disease or have atypical or subtle symptoms.  For more information on Celiac Disease you can check out the following links –


Ÿ        New Analog Insulin – There is another short acting insulin in the works.  That will make a total of three if/when it becomes available in Canada.  For more information on this product, go to


Ÿ        January Pumper’s Afternoon – Our next pumper’s afternoon is tentatively set for Sunday January 29th at the Dartmouth sportsplex.  Among other things, on that day we will be having a session on advanced blood glucose charting.  Are you the parent of a child with diabetes?  Person with diabetes?  Health care professional?  Did you just start pumping?  Are you thinking about pumping?  Have you been pumping and want to get tighter control?  You don’t want to miss out on this opportunity to learn how to use a log book developed by a pumper that is proving to be an amazing tool for some of our members.  As a bonus, those who participate in this workshop will receive a free log.  If you are determined to lower that A1c, you don’t want to miss this!!!


Ÿ        February Exercise and Type 1 Diabetes Presentation *more information to come – Does intense exercise totally mess up your blood glucose control??  Hard to keep bgs in check following a long swim or bike ride?  Does playing hockey or figure skating drop your bgs hours afterwards?  Tentatively, in late February 2005 one of our pumper members and an exercise specialist will be giving a presentation on exercise and Diabetes.  A perfect marriage would be to know how to do advanced blood glucose charting and attend this presentation.   Interested people please contact me and I will make note of your name so you don’t miss out once the date and time are confirmed!


Ÿ        BG Monitors -  Are you coding your meter?  Is your independent child coding their meter?  You would be very surprised at the number of people who are not coding meters and that could lead to disaster.  Also, it is crucial that pumpers, who have such tight control at their fingertips, be aware of the things that can skew your bg readings.  Have your test strips been kept in a bathroom where it is humid?  Have they been open for awhile?  Is your meter cold?  From time to time check your bg meter and its strips by doing a few bg readings within a few minutes of each other.  A slight variance is acceptable, however, one member reports some variables in her glucometer readings by more than 4mmol!!  That is a significant difference.  Take care of your tools, treat them kindly and understand how they work.


Ÿ        Diabetes Vaccine? – This link sent to us from one of our Affiliate members in Ontario.  It is very interesting.


Ÿ        Insulin Pump Survey This link sent to me via Jeff Hitchcock of Children with Diabetes.  It is for adult and child pumpers and is for people from all countries.  If you want to share your experience with them, please click on


Ÿ        Adolescents and children – compliments of CWD, the following information on pump therapy and children -



That’s it for now folks.  Please send along any information that you would like to share with others via ‘moi’ and I will include it in the next mail out.


Best Regards,

Barb Chafe

President, Insulin Pumpers Canada




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