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Insulin Pumpers Canada

February 2005 Newsletter


This is the web version of our member's newsletter.  If you wish to become a member and receive information on upcoming events, etc., please  .

Welcome to our new members and welcome back to our 'old'.  We've been very busy the past month and want to share the latest news with you.


  *     January 30th Meeting, Dartmouth Sportsplex.  What a busy afternoon!  We were joined by 35 people and there was plenty of discussion.  Our main topics were the Disability Tax Credit and Advanced BG charting.  As usual, there was time to network and connect, bring up new topics and catch up with old friends. More on the topics below.

*     Next Pumper’s Afternoon -  Sunday March 20th in the Nantucket room of the Dartmouth Sportsplex 1-4pm.  More details later.

*     Health Lecture - Here is some information on a free lecture, in Halifax, on February 21st    

*     Disability Tax Credit ‘Life sustaining Therapy’ – This was discussed at the January 30, 2005 meeting.  Some key points that were recognized:  1)  The Disability Tax Credit is a non refundable tax credit used to reduce income tax payable on your return.  2)  Life Sustaining Therapy is a section of the DTC and is defined (in part) as therapy you need to support a vital function.  You must also need to dedicate time specifically for this therapy – at least three times per week, for an average of at least 14 hours per week.  3) You must fill out a Form T2201 for the Disability Tax Credit, Life sustaining therapy. 4)  The Disability Fairness Report (chapter two paragraph ‘f’)  states – At the present time, individuals using a continuous infusion pump qualify for the Disability Tax Credit if this mode of insulin administration is a medical necessity .   5)  That does not mean you automatically qualify for the tax credit; it has to be clear that you meet the criteria for Life sustaining Therapy and the qualified person who signs the form has to indicate this. 6)  Every person and their situation is unique; when in doubt find out!

*     Advanced BG Charting – Our presenter showed us her brilliantly designed logbook.  Using her technique, it provides information that allows you to maximize BG control.  The book was a HUGE HIT for those who were able to pick up a trial version.

*     Cape Breton Insulin Pumpers – We would like to Welcome Cape Breton Insulin Pumpers as an affiliate of Insulin Pumpers Canada.   They are an independent group working hard on your behalf; informing, educating and networking about insulin pump therapy.  Visit their new webpage on the Insulin Pumpers Canada website and drop them an email.  

*     Summary of MDI/Insulin Pump therapy in Quebec -   This is a very interesting read.  Thanks to our pumping friends in Quebec who were an important part of this comparison.

*     Property Insurance and Insulin Pumps – ASK YOUR INSURER!  Everybody’s experience is different!  

*     February 23rd pumping presentation at the CDA Halifax.   The CDA is having an open house at their new digs in Bayers lake and have a slew of events going on during the week of February 21st.  Insulin pumpers Canada will be doing a little presentation on the evening of February 23rd and some pump reps will be there as well.  Check out the week’s events at

*     March 2005 pumping presentation at the CDA Valley officeJudith Swift of the CDA office in Wolfville, N.S. is planning an event in March that revolves around pump therapy.  Date to be announced.   Insulin Pumpers Canada is providing some insulin pumpers for the event :)   A great chance for you to speak with pumpers and hear about their experiences.  


I hope this information is helpful to you.  Please remember to read our disclaimer AND remember that we are all Volunteers!  If you appreciate our efforts please let us know.


Yours in pumping,

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