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Insulin Pumpers Canada

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Diabetes and Exercise


- How exercise benefits people with diabetes (long and short term)

- why it's important to be active
- how exercise transforms the musculoskeletal system, internal organs and metabolism
- what components an exercise program should encompass
- what and how to log to manage diabetes and exercise
- ideas for fine-tuning diabetes management using an insulin pump

The American Diabetes Association recommends an exercise physiologist as part of a diabetes management team.  (  Similar recommendations have yet to be adopted within Canada. 

A search by one of our members (Jen Alexander) failed to lead to a referral to an exercise physiologist in the Halifax area, in Nova Scotia, or even within Atlantic Canada.  The last lead her heath care team received was the suggestion to “Send her to Sick Kids [in Toronto]).”  She contacted leading researcher in diabetes and exercise, and they knew of no one who could help her.  However, her persistence in searching eventually paid off, and she found someone outside of the hospital setting (but right in downtown Halifax!) that more than met her needs.

Dr. Matthias Jaepel has a PhD in Sports Science, and Masters degrees in Physical Education, Kinesiology and Biology.  He has been certified in both Exercise Physiology and Medical Workout Therapy in Germany.  Matthias has taught classes and seminars in swimming, strength training, immunology and anatomy at the German Sport University, Cologne.

Matthias has experience in adapting exercise programs to accommodate diabetes-related issues such as retinopathy, neuropathy, and high blood pressure.

Matthias owns Platypus, the gym in the upper level of Centennial Pool.  This talk will be held in the gym facilities.

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