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Insulin Pumpers Canada

John Walsh PA. CDE - Guest Speaker




John Walsh, PA, CDE is a Physician Assistant and Diabetes Clinical Specialist who has provided clinical care for patients with diabetes for 25 years and specializes in diabetes care for people on pumps. He is co-author of Pumping Insulin, now in its third edition, Using Insulin, STOP the Rollercoaster, and My Other Checkbook.


President of Diabetes Mall, he is also webmaster of, a highly trafficked source of diabetes information and an online store featuring a wide array of diabetes products. Information on the site covers a variety of diabetes topics, especially the latest diabetes technology in pumps, infusion sets, and continuous monitors. This site receives over 5000 visitors a day.


John is a consultant for medical corporations and has been a frequent speaker and guest on radio and TV programs as an authority on pump therapy and intensive diabetes management.


John has worn an insulin pump for 22 years.

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