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Insulin Pumpers Canada

Expo 2005 - Insulin Pumpers Canada


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Expo 2005 - Connecting People with Diabetes to a Better Quality of Life



This FREE event has two main purposes:
1.  Diabetes Trade Show for EVERONE with diabetes.
2.  John WalshSpeaker presentations on Insulin Pump Therapy from an expert!  Pre-registration required to assure a seat.  Info below.

Important Information

Information for Sponsors & Exhibitors

Information for Health Professionals

Information on our Guest Speaker

Information on Child Care

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Diabetes Trade Show
 (No Admission Charge)



  • Drop In ALL Day 9am - 4pm
  • Date:  May 7th, 2005
  • Where:  Holiday Inn Harbourview - 99 Wyse Road, Dartmouth, N.S.
  • Kids RoomLet volunteers entertain your children while you take in a presentation and/or visit the Trade Show.
  • ****NEW***Door Prizes! (will you get a lucky program?) Our door prize donors can be seen here!  Many thanks to businesses and individuals for their support of this event! 
  • Goodie Bags! (Limited Numbers)
  • Special Events! an opportunity to chat with a pumper (adult, child, teen, parent) during our speed pump session - more info to come:)


Interpreter Services Please note that interpreter services for the deaf and hard of hearing community will be available at the trade show portion of the event from noon until 2pm.  Check in at the IPC Booth upon arrival.

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Speaker Presentations
Pre-registration Required
This is a FREE presentation

We are thrilled to present 'the man who wrote the book' (literally) on Pumping Insulin - Mr. John Walsh!

John Walsh PA, CDE
Co Author of Pumping Insulin

John Walsh, PA, CDE is a Physician Assistant and Diabetes Clinical Specialist who has provided clinical care for patients with diabetes for 25 years and specializes in diabetes care for people on pumps. He is co-author of Pumping Insulin, now in its third edition, Using Insulin, STOP the Rollercoaster, and My Other Checkbook.


President of Diabetes Mall, he is also webmaster of, a highly trafficked source of diabetes information and an online store featuring a wide array of diabetes products. Information on the site covers a variety of diabetes topics, especially the latest diabetes technology in pumps, infusion sets, and continuous monitors. This site receives over 5000 visitors a day.


John is a consultant for medical corporations and has been a frequent speaker and guest on radio and TV programs as an authority on pump therapy and intensive diabetes management.


John has worn an insulin pump for 22 years. Check out his website at


Interpreter Services Please note that interpreter services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearinv Community will be available for Introduction to Pump Therapy from 10:00am - noon.  Check in at the IPC Booth upon arrival.

Three Presentations to Serve You:
  • 1)  Presentation to Health Care Professionals (Health Professionals).  From 9:00am - 10:00am.  Pre-registration required (see below for info).  Doors open at 8:30 am for this presentation only.  Please see the registrar outside the Hawthorne room.  John's presentation on Insulin Pump Therapy will be very similar to that presented to Health Professionals at the National CDA Professional's confernence in Quebec City, in October of 2004.  This presentation is NOT accredited.
  • 2)  Introduction to Pump Therapy (general public) - From 10:30am - 11:45am Pre-registration required (info below).  This event will be held in the Hawthorne room, please see registrar prior to the presentation.  If you are considering pump therapy, or have been using pump therapy for a short time, this is likely where you belong.  Bring along a friend to help you absorb all the information that will be thrown out to you!  You'll be glad you did.  We would prefer if children were left with the caregivers in the Kids Room due to limited seating.
  • 3)  Advanced Insulin Pump Therapy (general public) From 1:30 - 2:45pm pre-registration required (see below).  This will be held in the Hawthorne Room, please see registrar prior to the presentatioin. If you have been using pump therapy for awhile and want to know more about how you can fine tune things, this is the place for you!  Use this information to develop new strategies with your team!




Registration required for these sessions.  Contact Cheryl at 902-425-1682 or email

For more information on this event or on Insulin Pumpers Canada, please call Barb Chafe at 902.223.7867 or email