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Insulin Pumpers Canada

September 18, 2005 Pumper's Meeting


You are invited to join us for the next meeting of Insulin Pumpers Canada - Nova Scotia.

Please keep an eye on this webpage for updates/changes.
When:  September 18, 2005
Time: 7:00pm-9:00pm.  This will be a short meeting due to the fact that our Annual General Meeting will be held prior to it.You are also welcome to attend our AGM.
Registration:Not a requirement BUT it is much appreciated so we know how many photocopies, samples, prizes, etc. we will need.  Please  contact or call Barb Chafe at 902-865-9129
Who can come? - Anyone!  If you or a loved one has diabetes and you are interested in finding out more about insulin pump therapy, or you are presently pumping and want to connect and learn more from other pumpers, then this is the place for you!  Bring along a friend for moral support :)
Membership:  You need not be a member of Insulin Pumpers Canada to attend our events.  However, if you wish to be added to our database and receive information on upcoming events, our newsletter, or be a volunteer with IPC you can fill in a membership form at the meeting. Currently there is no charge to be a member.
Cost: We are asking for a minimum donation of $2 per person (if you can afford it) to go towards the rental of the room.  Please appreciate the effort and cost associated with preparing for and presenting these meetings to the public. Remember, we are your peers and are all volunteers.  We fundraise to pay the costs associated with running IPC. 
Where:  Nantucket Room, Dartmouth Sportsplex,  Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
What about?:  Keep an eye on this page for an updated Agenda.  Here is a draft agenda for your consideration. Let us know what you would like to talk about!
7:00-7:15 - Welcome & chair's presentation
7:15-7:45 - Info on new and upcoming products and Product exchange (bring along diabetes supplies that can be donated or exchanged)
7:45-8:30 - We will break into two informal Chat groups.  One for people who are thinking about pump therapy and one for people who are currently using pump therapy.
8:30-9:00 - We merge together for wrap up & prize draws.
Check in frequently for updates!!

We hope to see you there!!