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Welcome To Our Pumping Insulin Website


In March of 1999, we experienced a change in our daughter's diabetes care that was life altering. Our then 10 year old daughter, Erica, began using an insulin pump. There was a long path that led us to this monumental event, it held many turns and roadblocks, but we made it and boy was it worth the trip!!

Our journey began with a web search for items on diabetes generally, and children specifically. When we came across a website about children who were pumping insulin, our life began to change. Although we had incorporated diabetes into our lifestyle since Erica has been 4, and thought we were doing our best, what we found changed our ideas of optimum care drastically. An insulin infusion pump would allow Erica freedom, and improved health both physically and emotionally.

Erica is using a Minimed insulin infusion pump. The support Minimed provided allowed us a trial period in order to calm the fears of Erica's medical team, and Erica of course. Well, in a nutshell, it was more than successful and we are so happy to see that there are now more children who have started pumping insulin successfully. Having a supportive Diabetic Team, from the IWK Hospital in Halifax, Nova Scotia, is a big part of that equation. Education, and problem solving skills are important if you are to have a relatively easy start up, support from other pumpers can make the difference between success and frustration. That is the purpose of this webpage. There are links here that are, in my opinion, absolutely necessary for information and preparation prior to pumping. Also, we would like to extend a hand to anyone who would like to find out more about our particular case, or pumping in general.

If this story seems too good to be true, I know what you mean. I felt the same thing when I first heard about pumping insulin. You will see however, by the articles in this site, that it is NOT too good to be true. We made 'the plunge' and will never look back!!



Why Did I Develop This Web Site?

This web site was developed to share our story of Erica's pumping success with others who may be interested in the same type of therapy for themselves, or their child.

I believe that pumping requires problem solving skills, patience, and committment if you are going to do it right. Hopefully some of the information we share with you will help.

Please follow the links at the top of the page to view everything on our website.